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All staff were accommodating and welcoming. Our Audiologist was patient with my 95 yr old mother,explained the test snd results and options available. Thank you.

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Tonya Wallace, on Google

Shea Hearing Aid Center is very thorough in their assessments and quite helpful in straightening out any problems. I never have to wait very long to be seen and everyone is polite and kind. David, especially takes the time to make sure you know what’s going on with your hearing and hearing aids.

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Anita Price, on Google

The physicians and staff of the Shea Clinic are superb. In the hearing aid center David Everett is not only an excellent clinician but very patient and compassionate. Joyce in the hearing aid center is likewise top notch. The whole program seems to be built around the patients needs and wishes. I cannot recommend them any higher than I do with thesev5 stars.

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Kit SM, on Google

I had to spend too long in the waiting room! Dr. Shea was very nice and attentive to my concerns. The young lady who administered my hearing test explained it all very well. On the 3rd floor, Melissa was very thorough with her explanation and answered all my questions. Joyce was very nice and got me finished up so I could beat rush hour. Thanks to all!

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Tom Oakley, on Google

They are kind and patient and, most importantly, honest and open with anything I asked. Everybody was a complete professional. But you could tell they love what they do. Especially when my right ear was suddenly hearing again for the first time in over a decade. I had been told way back then that there was nothing that could be done to help my situation. There is still no surgical fix, but hearing aid technology has come a long way. I experienced a miracle that day. A miracle that can continue to bless me for the rest of my life.

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John Burr, on Google

Finally having the volume on the TV normal for my wife is pretty cool. And to stream the TV sound wirelessly, without having a cord hanging over me, feels very free and natural for me.

Steve E.

Speech understanding is so much clearer now with this newest technology. I have worn hearing aids for more than six years, but with all the improvements in technology, I now have a clearer understanding of what is being said. I always had problems with consonants like C’s and T’s while listening to Wheel of Fortune but now, that challenge is no more. I highly recommend Shea Hearing Aid Center.

Texie C.