Clean & Check

Hearing aids are a big investment, and your hearing health is worth investing in. So, it’s important to protect your investment by taking the best possible care of your devices. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent problems and prolong the life of your hearing aids. 

Importance of Regular Hearing Aid Cleanings 

Similar to how your car requires routine maintenance, so do your hearing aids. Hearing aids are exposed to heat, moisture, earwax and other debris daily during use. And these factors, not to mention the weather and unforeseen damage, can seriously affect your devices’ functionality. It’s important that you schedule professional hearing aid cleanings to keep your devices working properly and to keep you hearing your best. 

What to expect 

A hearing aid clean and check appointment is more than just testing the batteries. During your appointment, one of our hearing aid specialists will perform a variety of services to check your devices’ functionality and condition. They will carefully test each component of your hearing aid including the receiver, microphones, controls, and battery compartment. If they detect a malfunction, your provider may be able to fix it in-house. However, should your hearing aid require considerable repair or even replacement, they may send your devices to the manufacturer on your behalf. 

How often should you have your hearing aids cleaned? Our hearing professionals are here to support your hearing health throughout the life of your devices. As a result, we recommend having your hearing aids professionally cleaned every 6 months (or as needed). 

Worried about the cost? You’ll be glad to hear that most appointments are free or require only a nominal fee.  

Do your devices need repair or replacement and are still covered by the manufacturer warranty? We can assist you with understanding the terms and conditions, plus we’ll ship your devices out for repair on your behalf. 

At-home maintenance to compliment professional cleaning 

Regular hearing aid maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your hearing devices. Therefore, aside from twice annual professional cleanings, we highly encourage our patients to perform regular maintenance at-home. In-between scheduled appointments, you should aim to: 

  • Clean your hearing aids daily 
  • Change your wax guards as needed 
  • Test your hearing aid batteries frequently 
  • Wash your hands before touching your devices 
  • Store your hearing aids in their protective case when not in use 
  • Use your devices’ “Self Check” feature monthly 

If you ever have trouble with your hearing aids, do not hesitate to contact us for guidance and recommendations. 

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