Eric Cobb, Director, Clinical Operations

Eric Cobb

Eric Cobb’s experience with hearing health began at an early age. His childhood best friend was deaf. At the early age of 11, Eric began to learn sign language so he could communicate and be connected to his friend. This childhood friendship instilled a deep empathy for those who suffer with hearing loss. This relationship certainly helped Eric as a father. He and his wife have five sons — three of whom were born with severe hearing loss. As he witnessed the challenges of his sons, he felt called to devote his life and career to the science of better hearing.   

Since 1995, Eric has served in many aspects of hearing healthcare. In addition to his years in private practice, he brings a wealth of knowledge from consulting and training in some of the top practices in the country. His dedication to patient and provider success translates into better hearing and better lives for those he serves. It is a pleasure to have Eric leading the professionals at the Shea Hearing Aid Center as they strive each day to provide exceptional care utilizing the most advanced technology coupled with compassionate, patient-centered care.