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James L. “Rusty” Van...

James L. “Rusty” Van Hoose

Director of Marketing & Education

James L. “Rusty” Van Hoose has long been committed to excellence in the field of helping others overcome the stigma of losing their hearing and or understanding of speech. Having seen first-hand the effects of his father not being able to understand his grandchildren and now, personally experiencing the need for clarification through the use of hearing aids in his own life.

For decades he has worked with numerous manufacturers to correct problems relating to comfort and clarity. He has more than 38 years’ experience in the hearing aid industry, specializing in business development and building best practice procedures. He previously served as chair of the Nevada State Board of Hearing Aid Specialists, where he worked alongside the State Attorney General’s office to write new laws to protect the consumers. Rusty joined the Shea Hearing Aid Center in 2014, bringing his extensive background in training and passion for providing greater clarity of speech and understanding to those who suffer from hearing loss. He believes a patient’s journey to better hearing starts with an educated staff and is committed to ensuring each patient receives the care they deserve. At Shea Hearing Center, “Clarity of speech is our main priority.”

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