Addressing Hearing Loss with an Aging Population

When addressing hearing loss from a public health standpoint, it is important that we not only consider the needs of the patient today but also plan for their needs in the future by taking into account age, health, mobility, functionality and any cognitive impairment. The fact that our senior population is both increasing and aging, the prevalence of hearing loss increases with age, and today nearly two-thirds of older adults are estimated to have some degree of hearing loss. Despite this high occurrence, many people are not utilizing technology to assist them or address hearing loss.

Shea Hearing Aid Center has long been committed to working with each of our patients, assisting them through the challenges of diminished hearing and comprehension. It is imperative that the brain be properly stimulated; increasing the ability to process the speech cues it has been deprived of. Through proper counseling, adjustments, and verification, aged related hearing loss does not have to have the negative effects that many people currently have.

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Addressing Hearing Loss with an Aging Population


Hearing Loss can contribute to cognitive decline.

Age-related cognitive decline can negatively impact many aspects of hearing health care....


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